Cleaning Small Seeds

ASG has a specific plant which is used for cleaning all small seeds from Sub Clover & Balansa to Canola, all seed can be dropped off in bulk or Bulka Bags & can be collected back in 25kg, 500kg or 1000kg bulka bags. Bulk can also be arranged depending on tonnages. Canola Seed is treated at time of cleaning with your choice of products, Maxim Xl, Emerge, Jockey, Cruiser Opti just to name a few. Please make an appointment if you would like your seed to be dropped off in Bulk & we will happily arrange a booking.

Seed Treatments

ASG can apply most seed treatments available from Jockey & Emerge on Canola to Rovral & Thiraflo on Lupins. We run a Romany seed coater that is renowned for ensuring a even seed coating on each seed.
  • Seed Treatments Available
  • Maxim XL, Cruiser Opti, Jockey, Emerge.
  • Baytan, Raxil, Evergol Prime, Vibrance, Rovral, Thiraflo, Zinc Fusion.
Please contact us if you have any queries in regards to seed treatments.  

Cleaning coarse grain

With the help of Westrup ASG has installed a range of equipment that can clean by length, size & specific gravity. All Cereals & Legumes are graded in a custom made shed, with a 60t drop off pit.


Certified seed & grain

Today ASG process, export & market grain for many farmers & companies.


ASG can package products into 25kg, 500kg & 1000kg bags. If you require any other sizes please contact us.


ASG has two storage Sheds in which we can store approx. 1200t of packaged grain, from farmers retained seed to the newest variety on the market. We also have Bulk Silo storage &  we are in the process of putting in more bulk storage to accommodate all our products.