LongReach Trojan

Key Features

  • A high yielding mid-long season maturity variety suited to the medium to higher rainfall areas of West Australia
  • Well suited to earlier seeding like Magenta and Yitpi
  • APW classification in the Western Zone
  • Solid grain package with high Test Weight being the standout feature, useful tolerance to blackpoint (MR-MS) and sprouting
  • Very good overall rust resistance, useful level of CCN resistance (MS) and base Yellow Leaf Spot resistance (MS-S)


Pedigree: LPB 00LR000041/Sentinel 3R. Trojan (LPB08-1799) was bred by LongReach Plant Breeders, and has been extensively
evaluated by the LongReach Plant Breeders since 2007. The line was first entered into the National Variety Trials in 2012.

Agronomic Features

Trojan is a high yielding main season variety and has performed well in a range of seasons and environments across the western and southern areas of the Australian wheat belt. Trojan has a mid late maturity similar to Magenta and Calingiri, and typically flowers 6-10 days later than Mace. This makes Trojan well suited to the medium to higher rainfall areas. It is also suitable for seeding a week earlier than the main planting varieties such as Mace and Cobra allowing growers to target higher yields through a longer season. Trojan has medium Coleoptile length and medium plant height at maturity. Trojan has good Boron tolerance (MT) and carries the Bo1gene which is known to confer tolerance to Boron and Aluminium.

Disease and Pest Resistance Ratings TrojanTrojan Long Term NVTAdjusted average YieldTrojan and Mace date of flowering locations in WA

Where to buy?

Western Australia
Australian Seed & Grain
Moora WA 6510
Ph: 08 9651 1069

Plant Breeders Right

LongReach Trojan is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR). In regard to propagating material (planting seed) of this variety, any
unauthorised commercial production or reproduction, conditioning for propagation, offering for sale, sale, import, export or stocking of
propagating material is an infringement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994. No grower to grower trading of seed of LongReach
Trojan is allowed.

End Point Royalty (EPR)

Each time a grower purchases seed of LongReach Trojan the grower agrees to comply with the Variety Licence and Royalty Agreement, including agreement to pay the EPR of $4.40 per tonne (GST inclusive). EPR is payable on all grain production, except on seed retained by the grower for replanting by the grower. The majority of the EPR will be paid by Pacific Seeds to the Breeder (LongReach Plant Breeders) for investment in future wheat breeding programs.