• High yielding, early maturing Imidazolinone tolerant barley; yields on average 10-15% higher than Scope CL Plus .
  • Good straw strength, lodging resistance and head retention over Scope CL Plus ; similar plant architecture to La Trobe .
  • Robust disease resistance including good Powdery Mildew and net form of Net Blotch Resistance.
  • Short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness.
  • Available for planting in 2016.


IGB1334T is an early maturing semi-dwarf barley. It has an erect growth habit and similar maturity to La Trobe , which is earlier than Scope CL Plus .


IGB1334T is well suited to the low – medium rainfall areas of Australia and yields similarly to La Trobe in these conditions. IGB1334T performs best when sown:

  • Low Rainfall (<380mm) best sown early May to mid-June
  • Medium Rainfall (380-480mm) best sown mid-May to early June; and
  • High Rainfall (>480mm) best sown mid-May to mid-June.

Market acceptance

IGB1334T is undergoing the Barley Australia malting and brewing accreditation process. The variety is currently classified as a feed.


IGB1334T has a similar disease resistance profile to La Trobe . It is resistant to CCN, offers good Powdery Mildew (MR-MS) and Net Form of Net Blotch resistance (MR-MS).

Why Imidazolinone tolerant barley

  • Safety when there are concerns with plant back following Imidazolinone tolerant wheat and canola
  • Post-emergent control of brome and barley grass
  • Removal of self-sown wheat in barley crops
  • Earlier/dry sowing of barley into wheat stubbles becomes a safer option


Yield improvement on average of 10-15% over Scope CL Plus . For further details refer to the yield data on page 14.

Grain quality

IGB1334T possesses excellent physical grain qualities; good grain size, with plumpness similar to La Trobe and has good test weight.

Plant features

IGB1334T has a similar height and plant architecture to La Trobe , it has a short coleoptile and an erect growth habit. IGB1334T has moderately good straw strength and head retention, an improvement over Scope CL Plus and is similar to La Trobe . IGB1334T has a short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness. The variety also has a high level of pre-harvest sprouting tolerance. IGB1334T, in contrast to La Trobe , does not express anthocyanin (redness); the base of the stem, auricles and awns remain green.

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