LaTrobe Barley

Highest yielding, short season malting variety in Australia with malting characteristics well suited to export brewing industries


An early maturing, semi-dwarf malting barley. It has an erect growth habit and similar maturity to Hindmarsh , which is approximately a week earlier than Commander .


La Trobe is ideally suited to the low medium rainfall regions of Australia and is responsive to seasonal conditions similar to Hindmarsh . La Trobe is best sown:

  • Low Rainfall (<380mm) best sown early-late May;
  • Medium Rainfall (380-480mm) best sown mid May to early June; and
  • High Rainfall (>480mm) best sown mid-May to mid-June.

Market acceptance

La Trobe ’s market development has been a high priority and growers will be well placed to receive malting premiums in coming seasons now that the variety has received accreditation. Limited receival locations available in Albany, Kwinana and Esperance port zones during the 2015/16 harvest. For further information contact your local grain marketer.


La Trobe has a similar disease profile to Hindmarsh . La Trobe offers good Powdery Mildew (MR-MS) and Net Form of Net Blotch (MR-MS) resistance. It also offers a slight improvement in Scald (MR) resistance over Hindmarsh .

Grain quality

La Trobe possesses premium malting quality characteristics well suited to export brewing industries. It has excellent physical grain characteristics; good grain size surpassing both Baudin and Gairdner; exhibits a plumpness similar to Hindmarsh ; and has excellent test weight.

Plant features

La Trobe has a short coleoptile and height similar to Hindmarsh and an erect growth habit. La Trobe strongly expresses anthocyanin in the awns, auricles and at the base of the stem and has a parallel head shape. La Trobe has moderately good straw strength and head retention, an improvement over Buloke and similar to Hindmarsh . This combined with a high level of pre-harvest sprouting tolerance will prove a definite advantage in seasons where there is above average harvest rainfall. La Trobe has a short rachilla hair length and is not considered as itchy as other varietes such as Baudin .

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La Trobe is available for farmer-to-farmer trading.

EPR $4/tonne exclusive of GST. Syngenta Variety Seed License available from

Key features:

  • An accredited malt variety.
  • Exceptionally high yielding, early maturing, export malting barley.
  • Good straw strength and lodging resistance, providing improved harvest efficiency.
  • Short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness.

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