PBA Jurien Lupin

High yielding, disease resistant, metribuzin tolerant


  • High yielding across most lupin growing areas of WA, NSW, SA and Victoria
  • Resistant (R) to anthracnose, (equivalent to PBA Barlock)
  • Resistant (R) to phomopsis (equivalent to PBA Gunyidi)
  • Resistant (R) to grey spot (equivalent to PBA Barlock)
  • Tolerant to metribuzin (superior to PBA Barlock, similar to Coromup)
  • Early flowering and early maturity
  • Pale seed coat with seed size similar to Mandelup

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PBA Jurien is an Australian sweet lupin variety suitable for all lupin growing areas of Australia. It provides a significant yield improvement over current varieties in most regions.

PBA Jurien is resistant to anthracnose, phomopsis and grey spot. Seed dressings are still recommended to reduce the risk of seed borne anthracnose infections.

PBA Jurien is moderately susceptible to brown spot. Follow current best management practices to reduce the potential impact of this disease.


PBA Jurien is protected under Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) legislation. Growers may only retain seed from production of PBA Jurien for their own seed use.

An End Point Royalty of $2.75 per tonne (GST inclusive), which includes breeder royalties, applies upon delivery of this variety.

Seed is available from the commercial partner, Seednet.


PBA Jurien area of adaptation


PBA Jurien has performed well across all regions of Australia with higher grain yields than PBA Barlock and PBA Gunyidi in all Western Australia regions as well as many of the eastern states’ regions.

PBA Jurien is a potential replacement for PBA Barlock in Agzone 1, due to its higher yields and resistance to anthracnose.

PBA Jurien is the best choice for Agzone 8, due to its superior yield and equivalent, moderately resistance (MR), rating for Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus (BYMV) to Jenabillup.

Long-term yield expressed as a % of MandelupA\ in Western Australia (2008–2014)
Variety Agzone 1


Agzone 2


Agzone 3


Agzone 4


Agzone 5


Agzone 6


Agzone 7


Agzone 8


PBA JurienA 112 110 112 115 109 109 106 116
CoromupA 99 97 97 91 94 93 91 90
Jenabillup 106 103 99 111 100 97 97 109
PBA Barlock 110 104 102 107 104 106 102 109
PBA GunyidiA 106 102 103 112 105 105 102 107
TanjilA 99 94 87 95 92 90 91 94
MandelupA (t/ha) 2.95 2.51 2.07 2.16 2.28 1.93 1.45 2.42

Long-term yield mandelup


Resistant (R) to anthracnose, equivalent to PBA Barlock and Tanjil. Seed dressings are still recommended to reduce the risk of seed borne infection. Resistant (R) to phomopsis stem blight, equivalent to PBA Gunyidi, Coromup and Mandelup. zzResistant (R) to grey spot, equivalent to PBA Barlock. Moderately susceptible (MS) to brown spot. Follow current best practice for disease management.


Moderately resistant (MR) to Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) seed transmission, equivalent to PBA Gunyidi and Mandelup. Moderately resistant (MR) to Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus (BYMV) and Black Pod Syndrome (late infection BYMV), similar to Jenabillup, and better than PBA Barlock.

Plant disease resistance of PBA Jurien in comparison to other Australian sweet lupin varieties

Plant disease resistance of PBA Jurien in comparisonSource: Pulse Breeding Australia (PBA) trials program 2008–2014
R = Resistant, MR = Moderately Resistant, MS = Moderately Susceptible, S = Susceptible, VS = Very Susceptible


Agronomic characteristics

  • PBA Jurien has similar agronomic characteristics to PBA Gunyidi, with flowering time slightly earlier than PBA Barlock and similar to PBA Gunyidi.
  • PBA Jurien is taller than PBA Barlock and PBA Gunyidi, similar to Mandelup and Coromup.
  • PBA Jurien is moderately susceptible (MS) to lodging in high rainfall regions, equivalent to Mandelup.

Herbicide tolerance

PBA Jurien shows equivalent tolerance to registered herbicides for lupin including metribuzin as Coromup, with greater tolerance than Mandelup.


  • Harvest height is similar to Mandelup, and is higher than PBA Barlock and PBA Gunyidi.
  • Harvest grain loss risk is similar to that of PBA Gunyidi. PBA Jurien is less resistant to pod shattering than PBA Barlock, but not as susceptible as Mandelup.
  • PBA Jurien has a slightly higher risk of lodging in high yielding situations than PBA Barlock.

Figure 1: Relative performance of PBA Jurien as a percentage of MandelupA across Western Australian sites of similar mean site yields

Relative performance of PBA Jurien



PBA Jurien has medium to large seed, similar to Mandelup and the alkaloid content is similar to PBA Gunyidi. Alkaloid contents fluctuate between years, sites and varying seasonal conditions.

PBA Jurien grain quality

Grain quality of PBA Jurien in comparison to other Australian sweet lupin varieties as a percentage of Mandelup.


PBA Jurien (tested as WALAN2385) was developed by the PBA Lupin breeding program, led by the Department of Agriculture
and Food Western Australia.

PBA Jurien is from a 2003 cross, 03A013R–ARR1–54, between 03L F1 female bulk 1 and 95L335–17–15 (=WALAN2231).

PBA Jurien is named after the coastal town of Jurien Bay, which is adjacent to major lupin growing regions in WA. The word ‘Jurien’ is an old Swedish male name adapted from the Low German name ‘Jurian’ or ‘Jurien’ which is a variant of ‘Georg’. The original meaning is ‘farmer’.

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