News update 15-10-2019

Posted on October 16, 2019

2019 will go down as a fairly difficult one, but what has shone out on a ordinary year were some of the short season Wheat LRPB Havoc & the new Intergrain Vixen have performed well and it will be interesting to see NVT results.

AGT new Catapult Wheat & Intergrain new Rockstar Wheat are the two new varieties that will have a good fit going forward, Devil & Chief continue to perform well.

Industry has been waiting for the release of the new CL Barley Intergrain IGB 1705 which is going to be keenly sought after slightly better yield and disease package will see it replace Spartacus CL.

Coyote Lupins are the new AGT variety, it will be in short supply and we expect good demand.

Hay Oat seed will be at a premium as most crops have suffered in the dry conditions, Bilby is the new Milling Oat & the new Koorabup Hay Oat will be in high demand.

PBA Bendoc is the new Imi tolerant Faba Bean which may be useful in the rotation with people who have plantback issues.

Pasture seeds also look to be in limited supply but we will have a small supply of Inspected 99% Dalkeith Sub Clover.

All our products have been field inspected during the growing season & are all tested for purity and germination.

Most varieties will be available but orders must be placed early to guarantee supply.