Seed Cleaning Process

The aim of seed cleaning is to remove the weed seed, small seed & husk and to end up with seed that is large & heavy with all the weeds removed large seed will emerge first and will give increased yield.

How do we achieve this?

Firstly the seed is cleaned by passing over screens, Screens are used to remove anything bigger than the seed, seed passes over screen falling through and leaving behind straw & weed seeds bigger than the seed, this is called scalping. After seed passes through the scalping process it goes onto another set of screens that only allow small seed & weeds to fall through leaving the large seed to continue on through the process, the seed is passed through and is air stream where it is aspirated which removes dust, Indents are used for length separation seed is introduced into a large cylinder that has indents punched into the wall of the cylinder, as the cylinder rotates it picks up good grain which is carried up and placed into an auger, it leaves behind longer seed such as wild oats.

Once seed has been through the Indents it proceeds onto gravity table where the lighter weed seed like raddish and wild oat along with frosted & shrivelled grains are removed.

The seed is then clean ready to be treated we know that for seed treatments to be effective it has to be clean.

Cleaning Coarse Grain Seed

ASG has a 60t Sink Pit which seed is dropped into and it then begins it journey through the seed cleaning process , for the course grain process we use Westrup Air Screeners and a combination of Cimbria and Westrup Gravity Tables once seed is cleaned it is either treated into a truck or held in overhead silo storage awaiting collection or collected while trucks are waiting.

Cleaning Small Seeds

ASG has a specific plant which is used for cleaning all small seeds from Sub Clover, Serradella & Balansa to Canola, all seed can be dropped off in bulk or Bulka Bags & can be collected back in 25kg, 500kg or 1000kg bulka bags. Bulk can also be arranged depending on tonnages. Canola Seed is treated at time of cleaning with your choice of products, Maxim Xl, Gaucho, Cruiser Opti & Poncho Plus just to name a few. Appointment must be made if you would like your seed to be dropped off in Bulk otherwise all seed can be dropped off in Bulka Bags at any time during November - June.

Seed Treatments

ASG can apply most seed treatments available from Illevo & Gaucho on Canola to Evergol Energy on Wheat & Barley to Rovral on Lupins. We run a Cimbria KB25 continuous treater in the Coarse Grain Grading Shed which can apply a large range of chemical accurately with good coverage and in the Small Seeds Shed a Cimbria CC50 Centricoater which is a batch coater allowing us to very accurately apply chemical with good chemical loadings on each seed this also allows us to put colour on which is very popular on canola seed.

Seed Treatments Available:

  • Maxim XL, Poncho Plus, Illevo, Cruiser Opti, Gaucho & Saltro
  • Evergol Energy, Raxil, Rancona, Rovral, Thiraflo, Gaucho.

Please contact us if you have any queries in regards to seed treatments.

Contract Packaging & Storage

ASG are involved with the mutiplication of many new seed varieties and as such we package & store many varieties either in 25kg,500kg,1000kg or bulk.