News update 10-11-2021

Posted on November 10, 2021

2021 will go down as being a good year, with an early start, a good Winter, average spring, some frost but with good prices it really had it all.

Two new wheats standout for this season the new CALIBRE from AGT has looked good & touted as the Scepter replacement, with many orders it would be best to get your hands on some sooner rather than later. The AVENGER from Pacific Seeds has also done well in 2021 and has some good attributes as well.

Intergrains Maximus CL Barley has performed well and has wide adoption, with Commodus CL also from Intergrain proving to be a high yielding quick maturity also doing well on some sandplain soils.

The New Minotaur from AGT a longer season similar to Planet - so if you like Planet this will have a good fit, Cyclops is the other Barley from AGT a feed with high yields also looking good.

Kingbale Intergrain new Imi Tolerant Oat will hopefully be released this year it is pending Sentry registration only with limited seed available so best to place your orders early.

If you require any further info on varieties or cleaning don’t hesitate to contact us.